Our Story

We exist to create infinite impact.

We believe in a world in which small and mid-sized companies, and their employees, become extraordinarily productive, humane and resilient. By partnering with our coaches, entrepreneurs can accelerate their time to realizing results and multiply the good they do in the world.

Meet our Team

We are Executive Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Technologists motivated to help high-growth organizations make an impact!

Kris Snyder

Kris Snyder

Kris Snyder is driven by his passion for working with entrepreneurs. After 25 years of building and leading five entrepreneurial companies, in 2018 he founded a growth advisory firm called Impact Architects where he serves as the Managing Partner.

Additionally, in 2019, he began working with Ninety.io, a company focused on supporting the same target market by providing company operating system software, where he serves as the Head of Finance and Partnerships. Both these endeavors align around his Just Cause of building a world where entrepreneurial companies and their employees can become extraorally productive, humane and resilient.

Jim Haviland

Jim Haviland

Jim Haviland has owned or led over a dozen entrepreneurial companies including some great successes and a few expensive lessons learned. He has presented to hundreds of business audiences and helped over 200 companies get more out of their efforts. 

Jim is currently a Partner with Impact Architects and enjoys helping entrepreneurs embrace processes and best practices that can help them reach their business goals.

Meg Mayhugh

Megan Mayhugh’s career has spanned 25+ years and multiple industries. She has held executive-level positions at McKinsey & Company; Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund; major banking and financial institutions; and several Founder and PE-backed scale-ups across many industries.

Meg has developed subject-matter expertise in strategy, finance, human resources, and operations, but she’s never lost sight of what drives business results – people.

Leuk Anderson

Leuk has been involved in the Information Technology industry for more than 25 years. But, it wasn’t his first career path.  He is a self-taught programmer who has created automated functions in the professional firms where he worked. After a couple of years as a professional programmer, the entrepreneurial spirit drove him to start his own business developing bespoke front-of-house software solutions in the financial services sector.

Within a few years, we had built a multi-faceted software development, utility computing and managed service business with niche offerings into some of the largest organisations in Australia. 

John Carpenter

John Carpenter spent the last 15 years as a Senior Operations leader at two startup organizations. Most recently, he was a member of the Able leadership team, which successfully exited via acquisition by Bullhorn in January 2022. 

John joined Impact Architects as Operating Partner and Integrator in May of 2022. His passion for process efficiency, customer satisfaction, and healthy culture is felt immediately during initial interactions. 

What makes us unique?


As experienced entrepreneurs, we’ve been where you are and hit the ceiling ourselves.
We get you.

Relationship Impact

We believe in the power of a strong collective network and always make introductions to advance your business.

Technology Impact

Leverage our deep expertise in technology to scale your business faster and more efficiently.

Our Guarantee: if you don’t find value in our process, cancel any time, no questions asked.

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