North Coast Ventures and Impact Architects Partnership

NorthCoast Ventures has selected Impact Architects and Ninety to help portfolio companies implement a Business Operating System (BOS). Many of the companies in the portfolio have already taken advantage of the focus and alignment that a BOS gives companies and achieved acceleration of growth, increases in valuation, and faster due diligence. Even NCV runs on a BOS supported by Impact Architects and Ninety.

Introducing Start-Up OS

Start-Up OS the BOS for early-stage greatness

Start-up OS is a set of tools and disciplines that leverage the teachings and experiences of the best business builders and prioritizes the portions most applicable to early-stage ventures. Businesses that are not ready for a full Business Operating System implementation either due to their size or the pace of their development will find what they need in Start-Up OS.

Start-Up OS turns a Great Idea and into a Great Business.

A complete Business Operating System turns a Great Business into a Great Company!