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We help Executive Coaches reliably find great customers.


Identify buyers most likely to be interested in, and say yes to, your offering.


Delegate your business development to a team that intimately knows your market.


Close one new client each month.

Are you struggling with business development?

Business development is the most challenging aspect of almost every Executive Coach’s practice.
Here are the core issues we see contributing to you hitting the ceiling:

The Revenue Blueprint.

The Revenue Blueprint is a combination of focused business development processes executed against an incredibly defined target list to generate right-fit opportunities.  

This is how we serve.

Here's How it works:

Most coaches make the mistake of thinking the world is their market.  The truth is you have limited resources (time, energy, money, focus, etc) to develop new customers. 

When we build an incredibly focused target list based on psychographic profiling, you’ll put your resources to better use building relationships with entrepreneurs most likely to be interested in, and say yes to, your solution.  Faster sales cycle at a lower cost?  Sign me up. 

Everyone knows how powerful referrals are.  So, why are so few of us leveraging them to grow our business?  Two reasons:  we don’t make it easy for our connectors to help us and we don’t act on a process that makes getting referrals reliable. 

Our process not only helps you leverage your Connector network at scale to find your next few customers and make it super easy, but we actually help you provide introductions to your Connectors as well so the process is beneficial for all.  Headtrash; consider yourself eliminated.

Most Coaches give up nurturing a Connector, lead or suspect after just two touchpoints.  Statistically speaking, 80% of positive responses happen at or around the eighth touch point. 

Ouch – we’re leaving a lot of opportunities on the table.  Our nurture process is a series of steps we take to get your audience to take the right action at the right time.  Oh, and you don’t have to do any of the work. 

You know every time you receive a Connection request and InMail that sounds awful and like a robot created it?  So, that’s not how we do things.  Remember, LinkedIn is a platform built to foster 1:1 relationships.  The 1:1 is key. 

Each week we create new relationships and start new conversations with entrepreneurs from your Target List that are personal, relevant and timely.  This is how relationships begin.  Not with robots and automation. 

Accountability is the glue that holds everything together as we chase results. 

When you partner with Pipeline Architects, we run a true business development operation complete with condensed L10s where we review your scorecard, your pipeline, complete to-dos, issues solve…the works. 

The Revenue blueprint process:

Getting started.

60 Minute FIT Meeting - Determining Fit.  

In this short meeting, you’ll be achieving a crystal clear understanding of our Revenue Blueprint process and we’ll determine if we’re a great fit to partner together to reliably fill your funnel. 

Achieving Traction.

Build Phase – Laying the Groundwork.

Before we run the business development machine, we have to set it up and make sure it is well oiled.  

In approximately 30 days, we’ll do all the work to get your business development machine set up and ready to churn out qualified opportunities.  

Activation Phase – Capture Near - Term Opportunities.

This is where it gets fun – the machine is ready.  Together, we will be effectively and frequently deploying simple business development processes that help you find and win more of your best customers while building the capabilities to report on performance and make better investments.  

This is where all companies want to be.  Be one of the few that get here.  

What makes us unique?

We work exclusively with Executive Coaches.

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Coaching Centric

We speak your language, tools and processes.

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Trust @ Scale

The Introduction of Value process.

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Delegated Business Development

A repeatable process executed by a team that GWC’s business development.

Our Guarantee: if you don’t find value in our process, cancel any time, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The key thing Coaches need to be successful in this program is a strong Connector network.  The Coaches that have the most success quickly have 20 – 30 really strong Connectors that know, love and trust them enough to introduce them to their network.

Every Coach has a unique situation, but in general we see Coaches in our process winning their first new client in approximately 75 days and then winning a new client each month thereafter. 

We require the Coaches in our program to be able to invest approximately 1 hour a week in this process.  30 minutes of this is our weekly business development meeting and the other 30 minutes is spent taking action on to-dos.   

No. This relationship is at will on both sides.  Start and stop any time. 

If you don’t find value in our services, stop any time no questions asked. 

Most of our Coaches are looking to win 6 to 10 new clients in 8 to 12 months.  Generally speaking, we expect Coaches to be with us for approximately 12 months (or until you hit your client capacity goal).

Ready to break through your ceiling?